Sometimes, biggest of our journeys start with a rather small move in an unknown direction. The curiosity and anxiety of the unexplored get intense, especially when we set on a journey to build up a lifelong relationship such as ‘marriage’. A relationship so important and profound, that it can leave an everlasting impression on either individual. Our search for a perfect soul-mate came to a final conclusion when we both decided to spend rest of our lives together. This paramount decision came out at the end of our Dubai Trip in May 2016, when I visited Ritika and we both explored the ciy together. It was a rather small holiday, but apparently most important for both of us, till that date. Living in Dubai for last 3.5 years, Ritika knew the perfect hangouts where we could spend time together, and make most out of our Arabic jaunt. One memorable outing was an ascent to the world’s tallest man-made building – Burj Khalifa. It was indeed first visit for both of us to the top of Burj Khalifa, which we cherished to the fullest by enjoying aromatic Arabic coffee and delicious Dates to supplement it. After a long mesmerizing walk along the Palm Tree Islands, a refreshing visit to enchanting Arabic ‘Bazaar’, we visited Dubai’s Marina Beach where the ultimate question popped up in our minds. Consider it as an effect of that magical moment, our new tryst or a   wonderful chemistry we share together – the answer was ‘yes!’ What followed thereafter is a new beginning for both of us – a new phase of life for which we both eagerly longed for, and hoping to continue till eternity.



When we both met each other, the impression which we got was of someone with whom we could imagine to spend our lives with. We both enjoy our company, whether sharing some quiet moments or having a few common interests like cooking and traveling. The similarities in our ideas, thinking process, ways of approaching things around our lives makes us a made for each other couple! We both bring unique attributes into our relationship, which gives us myriad opportunities to spend time together on similar tasks – Ritika’s love for photography and my passion for writing keeps us gelled together, sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions which make our relationship even stronger, each day passing by.


We both come from a rather traditional Hindu family in India (Our Home State in India), where doing a Horoscope matching (Horoscope Matching for Wedding) is considered as an integral part of any nuptial match-making process in our culture. Thus, after abiding by the verdict issued by our family Priest, who predicted our marriage compatibility based upon stars moving millions of miles away, the first milestone was successfully achieved. As it is said, at least some part of this universe actually did conspire in aligning our lives on a common path. While I am working in Germany and Ritika in Dubai, the idea of horoscope matching was pursued further by both of our families, who met for the first time in Jaipur,India.

They discussed in detail over shared family connections, friends and built up a good rapport with each other on a quick note. While we both were busy burning midnight’s oil on Skype and WhatsApp chat on an inter-continental landscape, after consultation from a Priest our families suggested a wedding date of January 29, 2017. We both pondered on this and found the date to be optimal, considering that we get enough time to prepare and get things into perspective for the Big day. And, that’s what marked the beginning of a new era in our lives.

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Since we met, in spite of all the miles between us, we have only come closer towards each other. After spending time together in Dubai and in India, we understood our lifestyles well and were able to organize our talks and Skype chats in an organized manner, whenever we both were not together. Thanks to the advanced technology, and of course the human spirit, that it’s not difficult anymore to keep up with a long distance relationship. Sometimes, schedules are tight for both of us, and we couldn’t talk. But, our understanding of each other connected all the dots and made even our quick chats a time to relish. What’s keeping us together is our similar level of sense of humor, an interesting chemistry, love, and respect for each other.

Once our wedding date was fixed, the unending phase of shopping and making arrangements started for both the families. Where both families were busy in finalizing the wedding location, guest list, gastronomy, decoration, to name a few, we both spent our time planning in detail our pre-wedding photo shoot. After few iterations for improvement of costumes, poses, locations and of course a good professional photographer, we got a photo shoot done in October 2016 in Dubai and India with astounding results. A photo is worth a thousand words, and when those words are meant for someone special, those photographs are indeed blueprints of wonderful memories and go a long way in life. No matter in what part of the world you are and in what phase of life, an old photograph with someone special always takes you back in time, almost instantaneously, and sometimes leaves you with a poignant feeling of years passed by. Keeping that idea in mind, we spend a lot of time planning our photo-shoot and finally were amazed to see ourselves frozen in those moments, forever. On a similar line of thought, this website was launched by both of us, as a platform to inform our extended family, friends and well-wishers about our decision to spend our lives together, and as a source of an invitation for our wedding.

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Life is short, life is fast, and life is a one time opportunity. It gets even more beautiful when you get someone special to share it with. With each other, we get a similar feeling, that life is changing, and that too for something good. For both of us, this is the time for starting a new phase of life together. Thus, we want to use this portal, to invite you to come and join us for the biggest day of our lives. Your auspicious presence would definitely make it even more special. It’s a unique occasion for both of us to join our hands forever, in the presence of our families and friends. Further, we would like to spend some time with you and freeze those moments forever, with some beautiful photographs. For our non-Indian guests, it’s an amazing opportunity to witness a traditional Indian wedding, with lots of colorful costumes, amazing food, plentiful of opportunities to dance and to get to know a completely different culture altogether. Please do come, and make this day even more memorable for us with your presence. To get an overview of wedding functions schedule, locations, and other relevant information, please visit page RSVP. For a brief description of a traditional Indian wedding, please refer to Indian Wedding.