Time flies away, most of the time with uncatchable speed. Just a couple of months ago, we and our families were completely engrossed in making our wedding day a most memorable moment in our lives. After months of planning, organizing and sleepless nights of dreaming about an ideal wedding, the moments to cherish finally came quickly and went by equally fast. We laughed, we pondered, had wet eyes, all with our families and friends, and their constant support and presence in this life changing event for us. Thus, we both would like to say our thanks to all those, who somehow got associated with our wedding, whether it was personally joining the wedding, or sending your wishes from all the corners of the globe, or working silently behind the scenes. We appreciate your presence in our wedding and making it unforgettable for us. We will change, you will change, this world will change, but what would remain isolated are the wedding moments through the eyes of a camera. Thus, we haven’t left any stone unturned in the pursuit of capturing our wedding and freezing those magical minutes into time with lots of pictures. We are working with our photographers to bring to you some of the best wedding photos you would have ever seen. Thus, stay tuned on our website and we promise that you would be astounded with awesomeness!


Welcome to our personal website which we created as a portal to inform our family, friends and colleagues about the decision to spend our lives together. Unlike other occasions in our lives, this is probably one with the highest significance and exceptional importance. And, to make this memorable event even more delightful and to freeze it in time, we would like to invite you to our wedding celebration in Rajasthan, India. We have gathered some useful information on this website regarding our upcoming nuptial week at the end of January 2017. Please take out some time to browse through next few pages and inform yourself about our story, our wedding program, and if you decide to join us for the party, please accept our invitation officially on the RSVP page until December 30, 2016. In case you are unable to attend our wedding, we would love to read your wishes in our Guestbook. Please don’t forget to sign it for us! Further, don’t miss out some special moments which we captured as Glimpses. If you have any questions, doubts to clarify, please feel free to contact us. And last but not the least, embrace yourself, and be prepared to be amazed!


This celebration belongs not just to two of us, but to every loved one, family member, and friend that has been beside us every step along the way…Let’s celebrate!  


Please come back and visit! We’ll be sharing updates on our website as we get closer to the wedding day!

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